Aha White Paper

Meme Tokens

Meme tokens in Aha's token treasury will make up part of the rewards for learn-to-earn gameplay. This is a key differences between Aha and other play-to-earn games:
  1. 1.
    There are a multiple types of tokens awarded for learn-to-earn.
  2. 2.
    Aha will not be issuing these tokens.

One Token Per Emoji

Aha's treasury will contain multiple meme tokens for learn-to-earn and staking rewards. Aha will try to match a meme token for each NFT Avatar PET emoji. For example, the dog emoji (🐶) will be matched with DogeCoin or Shiba Inu token. Aha will not be issuing meme tokens, but Aha may purchase or collaborate with other meme token issuers.
Each NFT Avatar will only earn meme tokens for the emoji that is present in the NFT avatar. This is to ensure a rarity factor in the NFTs. For example, an avatar with only 👻 emojis can only earn $BOO meme tokens. An avatar with 🐱 🐶 can only earn $MEOW and $SHIBA meme tokens.
Figure 30c - Emoji NFT to Meme Tokens Payout Mapping

Sharding and Entropy

The diversification of in-game tokens silos the ecosystem from broken tokenomics or price crash in a single token.
The existence of silos creates differences in earning potential of NFTs, and motivates the collecting of all the memes or move into a higher-earning silo. The diversity of meme tokens in Aha's wallet will help with funneling users into exchange, liquidity pool features, and opens up addition revenue streams.

Constant-Product Pricing and AMM Liquidity Pools

All meme tokens in Aha's treasury will be priced and traded through constant-product AMM liquidity pools. The constant-product pricing will ensure that even with finite supply in Aha's treasury, each type of in-game meme tokens will never run out as prices will increase asymptotically as supply approaches zero.