Aha White Paper
Avatar Access Token, Permutational Entry Token (PET)
Users must purchase NFTs to access Aha. The NFTs required for access will consist of a permutation of 8-bit emojis (Figure 2). Students can either choose the emoji combinations they like (technically a mathematical permutation: a single emoji, a double, a set of three, or a string of multiple); or alternatively users can also purchase a mystery box that has a randomly selected emoji combinations.
Figure 2 - NFT Avatars, Permutational Entry Tokens (PET)

Universal Address

The emoji avatar will serve as an address for the user for their wallet, chat handle, and public URL. In other words, users can directly send tokens to an emoji wallet address, or @mention a user at their emoji address.
Send money to @my_emoji_address
Send message to @my_emoji_address
Public URL
πŸ“¬ The NFT avatar will also serve as the emoji wallet address of the student, their discord-like chat handle, and public URL.

Meme Token Earnings

πŸ’Ž Each avatar can only earn in-game meme tokens from the emojis that appear in that NFT avatar.
For example, an avatar with only πŸ‘» emojis can only earn $BOO meme tokens. An avatar with only 🐱 🐢 emojis can only earn $MEOW and $WOOF meme tokens.
Therefore, each avatar will have different reward parameters and ease of earning tokens. Avatars that have greater earning potential will have higher prices.

Unique Earnings

In addition to unique meme token earnings, each NFT avatar will have different learn-to-earn payouts for different types of problems (based on hashtags), different exams, and actions (e.g. challenge). Users will have to combine different NFTs with different earning potentials, or work with other users as guild, in order to maximize earnings.

Rarity and Pricing

The avatar’s prices will be based on the rarity and popularity of the meme token combinations. Certain meme tokens are more popular than others, and certain combinations have more special meanings. In addition, NFTs with fewer emojis are also rarer following the power law (Table 1).

Table 1 - NFT Pricing in USD

Number of Emojis
Base Price
Rarity Price
Rarity Example
Mystery box
Users can configure the emoji NFT (Figure 8b) or they can buy a Mystery Box NFT, which is like a NFT lottery. Aha will price the mystery box to be slightly higher than the lowest tier of NFT rarity. In the future, different NFT avatars will have different learn-to-earn payouts as well.
Figure 8b - Configuring NFT for Minting