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Scholarships and Guilds
In case the price of NFTs appreciates or is too expensive for students to participate, students can opt to participate in a scholarship program. Students (β€œscholars”) can earn without buying any NFTs upfront themselves, by borrowing NFTs lent by investors, and profit sharing the earnings (Figure 10).

Investors can be crypto investors, education-focused non-profit donors, parents, tutors, or even other students. Investors can hold many NFTs and work with many scholars under his or her scholarship program (Figure 11a).
Figure 10. Investor-Scholar Model
Figure 11a. Scholarship Program

Investors in a community or DAO can choose to pool their NFTs and tokens together to form a scholarship "guild", similar to the play-to-earn model. The collective guild can deploy their NFTs to students of their collective choosing to earn tokens.
Schools are a natural go-to-market for forming scholarship guilds. Schools can purchase a collection of NFTs that they distribute to their students for learn-to-earn.
Figure 11b. Guilds

To ensure NFTs remain accessible even the long term even after NFT prices have increased, Aha will reserve a certain collection NFTs to loan to students directly. This is an opportunity to create a NFT borrowing protocol with smart contracts.
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