Aha White Paper
Parent and Allowance Staking
🐯 Parents don’t need a lot of convincing that education and saving for college is a good thing.
A quarter or more of Aha's conversions will come from parents.

Aha will have dedicated user journeys, point of sales, and features for parents. Aha will have features to allow parents to track the educational and financial progress of their children.

Aha will allow parents to stake and boost the earnings from their children’s learn-to-earn payout. Children’s allowance amount and distribution can be conditioned on achieving educational and financial goals that the parents have set.
Parents can also set "negative allowances", or deductions if student skip practice.

Much like how Duolingo has its own alternatives for standardized English testing to IELTS or TOIEC, Aha will develop standardized exams to help parents access whether their children is falling behind their peers in academic progress.

Educating children in financial literacy and planning is another pain point that our EdBank will solve for parents.

Aha will be the first crypto and fiat credit card for students to receive their allowance, and spend money in a responsible, parent-monitored way. The spending power of youth is affirmed by the success of Shein, TikTok, and Snap.

Aha can also be a tool for parents to financially plan their children’s college education together with learn-to-earn and crypto investments.
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