Aha White Paper
YOXO tokens provide non-profit investors a venue to support education in developing country, minority, or underprivileged demographics (Figure 11b). Buying an YOXO token or NFT is akin to donating education or tuition money on gofundme, Watsi, and other non-profit platforms.

YOXO DAO roadmap includes launching a non-profit token to support minority and underprivileged students. As a community member of the YOXO DAO, Aha plans to boost earnings of students that can validate their underprivileged status with this token.
Non-profit investors and philanthropies can directly invest in the YOXO minority student token in order to benefit that demographic directly.

While non-profit investments may not bring direct profits to the Aha ecosystem, the societal benefits may bring positive externalities in the form of positive marketing, press, and public relations. This strategy is also a venue that is not available to play-to-earn games.

A web3 gofundme-like platform is included in the roadmap of Aha. Donors can donate tokens or scholarship money based on educational outcomes and goals set by the donor. Rather than just hand money, tie the money to conditional outcomes.
Figure 11b - Non-Profit Scholarships
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