Aha White Paper
Ambassadorships and Professorships
Aha has two built-in referral programs: (1) ambassadors for student-to-student referrals, and (2) professors for tutor-to-student referrals.

A student ambassador is an β€œon-the-ground” campus representative with commission-based returns. Student ambassadors are financially incentivized to refer their peers to grow a network of income (Figure 12). Schools and colleges are the original, physical social networks.

Educators on Aha are financially incentivized to refer students and other tutors to sign up for a referral cut and commission from future income. Students may come and go, but teachers and tutors are in the industry long term.
πŸ‘» Ambassadors and professors are Aha’s in-person sales force.
Having a physical human touch can still deliver higher conversions in an increasingly digital world. Both ambassadors and professors must purchase an NFT avatar before they can start earning commission for referrals.
Figure 12 - Ambassadorship and Professorship Program
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