Aha White Paper


Revenue Models

In addition to learn-to-earn, students can also purchase tokens which will enable them access to scholarship competitions, homework help, and tutoring (Figure 8a).
Figure 8a - Revenue Sources
In the long run, there will be two main types of revenue sources; edtech and fintech. The fintech relationship with users will be long-term, and therefore Aha's fintech revenue sources will be built after edtech. Fintech revenue sources from students include credit cards, student loans, fees from trading NFT and crypto tokens.

Growth Models

Aha will have organic growth engines targeting each of the core stakeholders of the Aha ecosystem: students, parents, tutors, and investors. Aha will reward students, parents, tutors, and investors that help bring in new users into Aha's network.
Students are not only the most cost effective demographic to target, but the most social and therefore most willing to share, refer, and go-viral.