Aha White Paper

Learn-to-Earn (L2E)

Aha’s Learn-to-Earn app is a hyper-social and gamified edutainment environment that rewards students’ learning immediately with crypto & NFTs, through competing in and winning friendly challenges. Learn-to-Earn is similar to yet different from Play-to-Earn.

User Journey

Figure 1 - Map a student user journey: from buying an NFT to Learn-to-Earn Tokens

1. NFT Access

Students must purchase an NFT Permutational Entry Token (PET) to gain access to the learn-to-earn features of Aha.

2. Learn-to-Earn (L2E)

Once students have purchased an NFT avatar, they will have access to learn-to-earn. As the simplest example: students can earn natively issued tokens by answering questions correctly (Figure 3a).
Figure 3a - Earn Aha Tokens for Correct Answer

How to Earn

When students improve their base score slightly or significantly, improve their speed of completing a mock exam, achieve their target goal, beat a formidable friend in a challenge, win a particularly difficult group competition, refer a friend (new user), or complete a target habit ring (e.g., practice 3 days in a row), the students will be rewarded with from Aha's token treasuries (Figure 1).
Other methods of earning tokens can be found here:

Understanding Learn-to-Earn