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Challenge Friends for Tokens
Students can also earn tokens by challenging their friends to friendly competitions (Figure 4). Users can choose to practice alone or, from the same UI, ask a peer to join in a friendly challenge.
  • The challenge feature is 1-to-1 or 1-to-many: for an existing user to challenge another user on the platform or a non-user to sign up a new account.
  • Students can also challenge others from a playlist.
  • A challenge must have 2 or more participants and is set to expire within a period of 7 days.
  • A challenge can have any number of problems defined by the student who created the challenge.
Figure 4 - Challenge Friends for Tokens

This is an important organic growth feature, to rely on each student’s network of friends and classmates to grow organically.
🏫 Schools are the most active physical social network. Young people are more social than adults.
Facebook and Snapchat both famously gained their initial traction in schools. Acquiring users efficiently is central to Aha’s organic growth marketing, and Aha’s built-in gamified challenge feature makes the learning experience more engaging, hyper social, and shareable for fast growth.

Aha's roadmap includes challenge combinations such as random matching of challengers to challengees, team-vs-team challenges, blitz challenges (testing for speed: number of correct in a fix time), user-customizable settings of the amount of time allotted and the number of tokens rewarded.
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