Aha White Paper
Answer User Questions in Chat for Tokens

Aha will have an in-app chat feature optimized for students to ask academic-related questions and receive answers from students and tutors. The chat features are specifically designed to focus on creating an academic-centric environment and clear Q&A communication interface. While direct messages and group chats are available, this Q&A chat design is purposely made for parsing out questions and for real-time on-demand answers.

Any users (students, tutors) can earn tokens for answering questions. Students rate the quality of the answers, bubbling up good answers, and further encouraging good answers for more tokens. (Figure 6b).
πŸ‘Ύ The user experience will be similar to a Slack or Discord made for students, laser focused on academic question and answer.
Figure 6b - Answer Questions for Tokens

The goal is for Aha’s Q&A chat eventually be the front page of Gen Z DeFi. Many interesting and fun DeFi features can be built into chat, such as NFT avatars and stickers, easy swapping of tokens through a chat interface.
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