Aha White Paper


Web3 GTM

Aha is a community member of the YOXO DAO, whose purpose is to democratize access to learning and earning to anyone in the world. Similarly, Aha's mission is:
To help anyone, whether they are from Nigeria, India, Indonesia, or inner city Detroit, get admitted to their dream school and be able to afford it.
Aha's web3 GTM strategy is to coalesce and build a community of individuals who wish to contribute to these purposes:
  • DeEd - Decentralized Education
  • DeLearn - Decentralized Learning
  • DeBank - Decentralized Banking


Aha will build a community on social networks most appropriate for the markets Aha wishes to target:
India, Indonesia
China, Russia


Aha will airdrop NFTs to reward and encourage early adopters to participate in activities that benefit the growth of the Aha mission.

Web2 GTM

Aha's web2 strategy revolves around Aha's learn-to-earn product, targeting Aha's stakeholders in the following order:

1. Students

Students are the most social-inclined cohort of users. Like Facebook and Snapchat, Aha will target students in schools, and rely on referrals, challenges, friends to grow organically.
Aha will also run a Student Ambassador Program that rewards students with tokens for referring their friends. Top referrers will become student ambassadors.

2. Parents

Parents are the next cohort of users to target. Aha estimates that for a third of Aha's paying users, the payment is made through the parent or guardian's credit cards. Aha has built features directly into learn-to-earn that enables parents to:
  1. 1.
    Track their child's progress in real time.
  2. 2.
    Compare with child's peer group.
  3. 3.
    Stake allowance money for achieve certain goals

3. Tutors/Teachers

Tutors and teachers will be incentivized to refer students through token referral fees, or Professionship Programs. Tutors will be given a cut of earnings from each of the students they refer into the Aha ecosystem. In effect, tutors and teachers will be the in-person sales force for Aha.
Tutors will also have features to track their student's progress, chat with their students, answer questions, and find additional students to tutor. Aha will have a tutor marketplace for students to find the right tutor.

5. Schools and Institutions

Aha will have the ability to onboard entire schools or school districts. This B2B strategy will come after the direct-to-consumer roadmap.