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Multichain Wallet

The most valuable bank account is the one where you receive your payroll direct deposit.
Likewise, Aha’s wallet will be the primary wallet for students to store their tokens and NFTs from learn-to-earn. Students will be able to use Aha’s wallet to keep track of their total token earnings, and how far away they are from their college financial goals (Figure 16a).
πŸ“² The value of a wallet is that it has high retention for B2C users. Most users will not delete an app that contains their money in it.

The second value of a wallet is that it becomes a springboard to offer other financial, DeFi services for Aha users, such as student loans and credit cards. So Aha's strategy is to acquire banking users as young students (low CAC) to keep as fintech customers (high LTV).
Wallet features such as send and receive tokens, NFTs (Figures 16b, c) are intrinsically social features that help with organic growth. When a user sends money to their friends or classmates, there is a high probability that their friends will also download Aha's wallet app.
Figure 16a - Track Progress Towards Tuition Goals
Figure 16b - Mobile Wallet, Receive Tokens
Figure 16c - Send Tokens
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